уторак, 11. јун 2013.

Isabel Marant pour H and M

Finally I can post again, I was so busy studying for final tests because I was finishing my senior year, but now I can proudly say that I graduated successfully ! :) What got my intention this morning was the news that the new designer who will collaborate with H&M will be no other then famous French designer Isabel Marant. This couple of years every one was talking about her success in fashion business, and she became very popular around trendsetters around the World. The collection will be called simply Isabel Marant pour H&M! The collection will feature a must-have pieces inspired by her signature style. It will be available from November 14, witch means that it will be probably available in Serbia too, if H&M opens they`re stores in Serbia in fall as they announced! :) The collection will feature clothing and accessories for women and teenagers, and for the first time Isabel Marant will design a collection for men. Also you can see the video!

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