субота, 17. новембар 2012.

Barneys New York Disney Electric Holidey

Barneys has finally revealed his new collaboration with wonderful Disney. They have launched the 2012 Holiday project named Electric Holiday. It is organized at the Barneys New York Madison Avenue flagship  store. This event was specially hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker and no other than Minnie Mouse herself. They have unveiled the Electric Holiday windows and an moving art video starring Minnie Mouse in an adventure in Paris along with lots of famous fashion personalities and also Disney characters. It is also interesting to say that every Disney character was dressed by one designer like: Mickey Mouse in Balenciaga, Goofy in Balamin, Minnie in Lanvin, Snow White in Nina Ricci, Tiana in Proenza Schouler and Cruella de Vil in Rick Owens. Here are the picks!

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